covid-19..... safety first

Greece is doing everything they can to open up for the summer again. If you don't want to be vaccinated, and you did not have Covid-19 before, a negative test will be asked to enter Greece. More information about entering Greece and what is needed you can find at our page 'TRAVEL'


On Paros there has been almost no Covid cases during the whole pandemic. Very few, who were imediately isolated.

There has been no break out at all.


People working in public sectors need to do every week a self test. No matter if they are vaccinated or not.

So also, we and our staff, do the self test every week

And we are all vaccinated.


We are lucky to have two entrances to all the rooms, so it's very suitable for 1-way traffic; you never need ot bump into each other.


We have followed several seminars organized by the Greek government, to teach us about the new rules and measurements to be taken. For your and our safety we had to change a few things. This are not rules that we decide about, it is the new law.

For everybody's safety. So please follow our guidelines well, for everybody's safety.



On central points  (terrace, toilets and also on all tables) we have putted anti sceptic and (single use) gloves, for your use.

We also put trash cans with foot pedals, so you don't have to touch anything with your hands when you want to throw the gloves away again. Also take special care please to keep the toilets clean and (not new) not to throw paper inside the toilet, only in the bin provided. 



For your and our safety, we are not allowed to pick you up on arrival or bring you away for your departure. Only official transporters are allowed to do so. If you want us to arrange a taxi for you, please contact us. Price is about 25 €, both from the airport and the port to the hotel.



We are not allowed anymore to serve the breakfast buffet as we were doing before.

But we will serve your breakfast , 10 € per person per day.



Also connected with the new rules we are obliged to take more data from you. All members (not just one) of your group/family have to provide us with name/adres/phone number and e-mail adress. We also need to know your arrival-time in advance, in order to order a taxi for you, and to be organized well and have everything ready for you.